Monthly Archive: April, 2013

Most common causes of Traffic accidents

Traffic accident are very huge reason of death these days. Do you want to know what are the common cause of Traffic accidents. Have a look on this infographics by Advertisements

10 steps to improve your Japanese

Whether you’re learning a language, building a business, striving to become a better writer, or even just trying to live a good life, there comes a point when you realize than the only… Continue reading

A Recession Proof Wedding in The Bahamas

A common misconception about weddings on tropical islands is the seemingly overwhelming cost. Weddings can be quite expensive as it is, but a wedding in the Bahamas of all places sounds like it… Continue reading

Cinema’s Most Famous Hotels

A good quality hotel brings people together, over the years they’ve been used in movies to create intimate getaways for passion and romance and downright suffocating spaces for some of the most prolific… Continue reading

Facts about mobile phone Recycling

Get the brief information about mobile phone recycling by this infographics. You can also cell your used phone at Zwipit

Iconic Furniture

Iconic Furniture – an illustrated guide to some of the most iconic furniture pieces of the past century. Check out our interactive website at

Blurtopia App

Explore Life’s Questions Anywhere. What is Blurtopia? Blurtopia is a community marketplace for life’s little questions. Everybody has questions on their mind they want to discuss – What shoes should I buy? Is… Continue reading

Strangest Things Found in New Homes

Treasure maps, gas masks and disco-lit baths are just some of the strange objects respondents to a recent survey by Leeds Building Society revealed they had found when moving into a new home.… Continue reading

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agent is really a tough task these days. If you are also going to choose a real estate agent then have a look on this infographics and learn.

Automobile Accident Statistics (Alberta, Canada)

When and at what time do most accidents car accidents happen? During afternoon rush hour from 3PM to 6:59PM and during the Christmas season. The most collisions happen during November, December and January.… Continue reading