Monthly Archive: May, 2013

How to print paper from salt lake mailing

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Our Favorite Watch Brands

Here at Plain Paper Box, we love watches. We understand that, while some of our customers are familiar with our favorite watch brands, many are not. Here are some of our favorite brands… Continue reading

Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Make every day a good hair day by taking good care of your hair. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so below are tips on how to… Continue reading

Water Resistant Measurements

Is my watch waterproof? What do ATM and BAR mean? My watch is 50 meter water resistant, so that’s fine for snorkeling, right? Water resistance is one of the topics about watches that… Continue reading

Blackjack: Hit or Stand?

New players often ask themselves how to master their abilities on card games, especially on those with higher odds of winning such as Blackjack. You can’t become a pro if you don’t master… Continue reading

Five Decades of Fashion

A fashion journey from leave-it-in-the-past crazes to trends that are still leading fashion today. Fashion retailer Simply Be provides a look into the past five decades of fashion before setting its sights on… Continue reading

The Rise of Online Education

  This infographic displays data that shows online schooling has seen a significant increase over the past few years, and that we are just beginning to see education on the internet! Source :… Continue reading

Funny Infographic about IRS Refund

According to a lot of reliable resources, 75% of Taxpayers receiving Tax refund in 2013. Do you have any plan to use this amount of money, things like: home renovation, education, personal training… Continue reading

Gamepad Evolution in a Nutshell

Do you know that the next generation’s high tech pad Dual Shock 4 for PS4 is almost around the corner? I hope you do. Sony’s new controller will offer the new six-axis sensor, Light… Continue reading

Top 10 Confessions of Americans is a site that allows visitors to post their own confessions and comment on others,and has just released their Top 10 Confessions of Americans list. This list was compiled from over 30,000… Continue reading