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Average wedding cost in the USA

  Thousands of people get married every day. Before the big day, they rarely consider the costs involved. The infographic by JJ Suspenders breaks the costs down. Source : Advertisements

First Year By Numbers…

When you are a new parent then you will want to read this infograhpic, which tells you the first years by numbers, it tells you the ages when your baby says his/hers first… Continue reading

Flattering cuts for Bridesmaids

Debenhams has created an infographic that will help the bride-to-be to choose the perfect dress for all her bridesmaids. From theme to design, fit and figure, there’s an option to suit all themes,… Continue reading

Celebrity Relationships

Take a look at the Good, Bad and the Ugly of star pairings including the wealthiest couples, the shortest marriages and the rockiest relationships. We’ll even let you have a guess at who… Continue reading

Unique Ideas For Your Wedding (Infographic)

Divorce in Florida

Orlando Divorce Lawyers – The Sanders Firm

Real tree vs. Artificial Tree.

Every Christmas tradition begins somewhere, and those of us who follow Christmas tree trends know that more and more families are building their holiday traditions around artificial Christmas trees. Find out who’s buying… Continue reading

Divorce in America

The reason for divorce can be due to so many factors but the main reasons are communication, finance, abusive relationship, infidelity and physical attraction. 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce.… Continue reading