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ChennaiRainsHelp – Looking For help in your area ?

Need Volunteers in west mambalam and ashok nagar. To join tweet to  @madhiceg @VivekBharati_VB with your phone number, name and location immediately

The Invention of Electricity and Evolution of Voltage

This is a unique IG which explains how electricity was invented and what made scientists to evolve the concept of voltage? The scientists who contributed in invention of electricity are Thames of Miletus,… Continue reading

Celebrity Relationships

Take a look at the Good, Bad and the Ugly of star pairings including the wealthiest couples, the shortest marriages and the rockiest relationships. We’ll even let you have a guess at who… Continue reading

Electric Appliances: Their Invention and Evolution

  This is a unique IG which explains the electronic industry giants who review latest electronic trends. We have covered valuable information like their visitors, community members on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, their… Continue reading

Automobile Accident Statistics (Alberta, Canada)

When and at what time do most accidents car accidents happen? During afternoon rush hour from 3PM to 6:59PM and during the Christmas season. The most collisions happen during November, December and January.… Continue reading

Happy New Year 2013!

Free infographics wishing you Happy New Year 2013 Source :

The growth of social Media

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A Day in the Life of the Internet

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Doomsday Predictions

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The latest social media statistics for 2012

The latest social media statistics for 2012 Source :