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The Housing Bounceback

Infographic detailing the overall rise of house prices across the UK, including stats from previous surveys. Source : Advertisements

2013’s Home Buying VS Renting Debate Infographic

See popular Pros & Cons statistics on home owners and renters opinions, real-estate trends & data for 2013:

What Could You Buy for £250 Million? has produced this infographic off the back of the news that a property in London has been put on the market for a record-breaking £250million. The property is located in Carlton Terrace,… Continue reading

Australia On The Move

There is no experience as exciting, or as stressful, as moving to a new home. You need to plan updating addresses and transferring bills, have boxes and boxes of stuff to pack up… Continue reading

Strangest Things Found in New Homes

Treasure maps, gas masks and disco-lit baths are just some of the strange objects respondents to a recent survey by Leeds Building Society revealed they had found when moving into a new home.… Continue reading

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agent is really a tough task these days. If you are also going to choose a real estate agent then have a look on this infographics and learn.

Wood Interior Doors – A Billion Dollar Industry

This infographic gives you an idea about Wood Interior Doors and how its demand is increasing amongst its users. It gives you information about its projected growth trajectory and also gives you a… Continue reading

Insider Tips on Moving to a New House

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With the help of Two man movers, you can make sure your move goes smoothly and quickly.Give us a call to see how we can… Continue reading

How to choose your perfect home

Choose the best home you always wanted. Buy your dream home with th help of this info graphics by the levein team(

What Home Buyers Are Looking For ?

Infographic about what most home buyers are looking and considering prior to buying a house. Source : Colorado Realtor